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    Soprano Technologies is representing several companies in different areas including supplies and manufacturing. We specialize in custom made projects to meet the demand and requirements of each and every one of our customers. We are representing companies of highest level and of latest technology in order to provide excellent service and high quality products.

  • Cheng Fwa

    Cheng Fwa Industrial Co., Ltd., an ISO-9002 certified manufacturer, supplies precision metal parts for the needs of the computer, telecommunications, networks, and consumer electronics industries.

  • Foretek International

    Foretek is a reputable Electronics and Mechanics Manufacturing Services (EMS) that offers complete design, engineering, and manufacturing services to computing, consumer digital, industrial, medical and telecom OEM customers.

  • JMC Products

    JMC Products, a USA company, is a leading manufacturer of thermal solutions with facilities around the world. We focus on developing cooling products to increase the performance, reliability, and flexibility of your networking, storage, and server systems.

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